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"Viking Pickleball Provides A Safe Learning Environment!"
Cheryl McDonough
4.5 Player

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You couldn't be in better hands

Sarah Saari

Lead Instructor

John Marando

Lead Instructor

Tom Roelse

Lead Instructor

Individual Ladders @ Tringali

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"It's Fun to Feel Good"

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Grow Your Pickleball Community

If you are an avid Pickler and want to find a way to give back to the community, then I would encourage you to become a member of Peace River Picklers and volunteer some time to teach Pickleball. You will have fun, while learning new skills  and meeting new friends.

The Nordic Victory Zone

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Preferred Paddle of Viking Pickleball

See why Coach Sarah has partnered up with Rich Cat Supply Paddles!


What are people saying?

“Pickleball is such an incredible sport it’s hard to believe that someone could make it so much better.  Coach Sarah is knowledgeable, professional, enthusiastic and has an infectious personality.  She’s not only a great coach but a great player herself.  She makes you want to work hard to improve your game and become a better player.”
Cheryl Mullen