Summer Ladders are Individual Ladders.  Scores each week are calculated by the total points scored out of the total possible.  In addition, points are awarded to wins based on the court the team has played on.  The % is an accumulative average for each team, including bonus points.  This gives greater value to good play on higher courts and over time, accentuates the difference in levels of play.  Players will be ranked each week which will determine the court(s) they are assigned to play.  

Dates: May 2nd through June 22nd (6/29-7/1 rain back up dates)

Registration: Sign Up Here

Deadline: May 1st

Cost: $50 per player

    • 3.0-3.49 Co-Ed: Thursdays 6pm @ Islandwalk (Resort Courts)
    • 3.5-3.99 Co-Ed: Tuesdays 6pm @ Islandwalk (Resort Courts)
    • 4.0-5.0 Co-Ed: Wednesdays 6pm @ Englewood Sports Complex
    • INDOOR Women’s Ladder: Wednesdays 12:30-2:30pm @ Englewood Sports Complex
    • INDOOR Men’s Ladder: Fridays 12:30-2:30pm @ Englewood Sports Complex
    1. Barbara Mills
    1. Jess Dunbar
    2. Peter Dunbar
    3. Dennis Liagre
    4. Bridget Phillips
    5. Joanne McBride
    6. Steve Iannone
    7. Francis DuMont
    1. Sarah Saari
    2. John Marando
    3. Mark Mangune
    4. Dolores Marando-Nigro
    5. Erik Dunigan
    6. Bruce McPhee
    7. Carlos Diaz
    8. Randy Alberts
    9. Cheryl McDonough
    10. Debra Pawlowski
    11. Susi Ruettimann
    12. Tom Butler
    13. Roslynn McPherson
    14. Michael Drennan
    15. Tom Roelse
    16. Karen Harrod
    17. Duncan Harrod
    18. Paul Reis
    19. Barbara DuMont
    1. Barbara Mills
    2. Bridget Phillips
    1. Wes Stasko